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BlueLava v0.4.3

# BlueLava v0.4.3
# (c) 2001-2004 Ian Wilkinson (
# (c) 1999 Bruce Locke  (
# Most of this was done by Bruce Locke :-)
# Released under the GPL v2... see COPYING for details
# This software comes without any warranty...

BlueLava: A CGI interface for x10

If you have not done so already PLEASE fill in the form at 
I am trying to find out what backends are being used and what features people want in new versions.

In other words You will control how I develop BlueLava.

BlueLava is a CGI script that uses various commandline x10 utilities to
control supported x10 devices.  BlueLava is the product of my interest in
x10 and the ability to control my stuff remotely through a web browser :)
and now my Wap enbled mobile 'phone :-)

BlueLava Now has Admin via the Web interface.  Please note: If you have spent
many hours crafting your bluelava.conf, and don't want to see it stripped of
all comments, don't use the Web Admin.  If you don't care how your bluelava.conf
looks (and let's be honest here, who does?) then please use the Admin.  The
Admin Bar is only visible if you are looking at BlueLava on the local computer.
Point to either http://localhost/cgi-bin/bluelava/bluelava.cgi or if you try to use BlueLava from
any other ip address you will not be able to see the bar.  I am planning on
making this configurable in the next release.

BlueLava v0.4.0 was the third stable release.  This has improved and fully
working support for x10d (I've been running and testing this for a while here).
BlueLava v0.4.3 is the new "Development" release.  What this means is that I'm
not sure it's going to work 100% for you, but it has been working here for me
for a while, so is stable enough.

There was one reported bug with the teleX10 extension.  I've not been able to
reproduce this due to lack of time and no other user has reported this.  If you
find any problems, please e-mail me at

Upgrade note: BlueLava v0.4.0 is not compatible with the bluelava.conf that
v0.2 used, it may not in some instances be compatible with v0.3.0.
You will need to use a modified copy of the bluelava.conf.dist that came with
this version.

BlueLava v0.4.3 is compatible with v0.4.1.
BlueLava v0.4.1 is compatible with v0.4.0.
BlueLava v0.4.0 is compatible with v0.3.9.
BlueLava v0.3.9 should be compatible with v0.3.
BlueLava v0.3.1 should be compatible with v0.3.

The TODO list:

	- Automatically upgrading config files to latest version
	- find a better way to report errors, success, etc
	- optional logging
	- code cleanup
	- better error handlers
        - fix obscure TAB bug in config file parser
	- ability to query two way x10 modules
	- support for more backends (suggestions?)


To install BlueLava v0.4.3:
You must have your backend already working.

Place the tar ball in your cgi-bin and extract the contents 
( tar -zxvf bluelava-v0.4.3.tar.gz), you may now remove the tar ball if you so wish.

You should now be able to go to http://localhost/cgi-bin/bluelava/bluelava.cgi
and use BlueLava to setup your house.

If you preffer to do things by hand you can edit the bluelava.conf file in the
bluelava directory.  If you mess it up, a clean copy bluelava.conf.dist is
included, if you wish to use the web admin, you will need to
chmod a+rw bluelava.conf after you copy the dist file.

There are plenty of comments in the config file so I won't go into details
about it here.

If you don't have perl installed at /usr/bin/perl you will need to edit the
bluelava.cgi and the teleX10.wml files and all of the .pl files and change the
first line, alternativly you can set up a symbolic link to perl.

You will probably want to password protect the directory so your friends
don't go blowing out your lightbulbs at 3am in the morning ;)

You may need to chmod +x bluelava.cgi and telex10.wml

If you have problems see the FAQ online at

Have fun! and let me know what you think... :)

THANKS from Ian Wilkinson:

Thanks to Bruce A. Locke for letting me take over this project,
thanks to Paul Mellors for letting me turn his lights on and off at 3am :-)
thanks to Kirsty Wilkinson (my Wife) for putting up with me :-)

Ian Wilkinson (