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Before you download I would appreciate you answering these quick questions.
I don't want any personal information, I would just like to know how many people are using BlueLava and what I can do to improve it and if you don't want to you don't have to.

Please Note, due to the large amount of Spam I've been getting via this form, you need to choose either a backend or what version of the software you are downloading, also html is not allowed in the comments field.

For how long have you used BlueLava? (If this is you first time just leave at 0)
Months , Years

What Backend do you use with BlueLava?
Don't click this

If you would like to see another backend added what backend?

Which of the following would you like to see added to BlueLava?
Two way module support
Importing settings from backend config file
Macromedia Flash interface

What Version are you going to download?
Stable v0.4.1
Development v0.4.3

If you would like an unlisted feature or if you have any comments please enter them in the box below (No HTML please, if you do enter html your response will be ignored).

If you so wish you can leave your name and your E-mail address

When you hit submit you should be returned to this page but at the download section below.

Download BlueLava

Download Current:
BlueLava 0.4.1 (same as v0.3, but adds WAP support and x10d & Flipit as a backend).

Download Development:
BlueLava 0.4.3 (Same as v0.4.1, but adds Web Admin and support for WiSH as a backend).

Old versions are available here.

Scroll up to see menu.

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