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BlueLava is a GPL'd CGI script that uses various commandline x10 utilities to control supported x10 devices. BlueLava was created so that you had the ability to control stuff remotely through a web browser, my interest in BlueLava and x10 led me to add basic WAP support, as you don't always have a Web Browser with you.  Also it's cool to be able to turn the lights on at home, when you are running late, and it's getting
Dark :-)

For those that had problems downloading, or filling in the feedback form, I must apologise, my ISP killed their CGI server, and failed to tell me. So for about 2 months things haven't been working.
As I don't spend much time reading my own website (what would be the point in that?), nor do I find the service status page of my ISP the first point of call when I logon, I didn't know this until last week. I did have a backup, so all was not lost, but it was very frustrating at the lack of communication.

For anyone who's interested, this Project is still alive, I've had a busy year (I got married) and a PSU failure (that killed my system) both of which pushed development of BlueLava onto a back burner. I have now returned to development of BlueLava and have recently just completed support for WiSH and Administration of BlueLava.

Current Development is working towards: Logging actions made via BlueLava, 2 way module support (eg, status reporting) and Localisation support.
I am also working towards making BlueLava cleaner. There is a fair amount of code that is just plain wrong, now that we support more then 4 backends

BlueLava was created by Bruce A. Locke and is now maintained by Ian Wilkinson.

I would like to have some idea of what people would like to see in the next release, please contact me if you have any suggestions.

BlueLava v0.3 was the second stable version released.
BlueLava v0.3.1 adds WAP support.
BlueLava v0.4.0 adds x10d support.
BlueLava v0.4.3 adds, Flippit and WiSH support. Also is Administration via your Browser. You no-longer need to edit the config file again!

BlueLava Requires:
A Web server capable of running Perl CGI (Apache works well)
Perl 5
A Supported x10 Backend (see below)
Some x10 Kit :-)

Supported backends:

For more information on the state of x10 support under Linux/Unix, visit Neil Cherry's Linux Home Automation page.

This version has been tested by myself and many others and does work fine, if you do have any problems please contact me or try the new mailing list (Subscribing by e-mailing and I will try to help you solve them. I will announce new versions on the mailing list. I will also ask for pre-release testers.

Here is an example of what BlueLava v0.4.3 looks like (The example is not a functional demo).

Please fill out the form on the Download page so that I can continue to work on BlueLava on the most wanted features.

Stable Download:

Development Download:
Development includes support for WiSH and web admin.

If you wish to speed up the development, or just want to express your thanks, you can now donate to the BlueLava fund.

I recommend that you try out WeBuilder for editing of HTML/CSS/PHP. Powered by WeBuilder

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